About me

Fashion Blogger, Fashion Stylist, Personal Stylist, Singer, Dancer, Actress and Shoe Addict.

Hej!  I’m Jenny Mandera, I was born in Helsingborg, southern Sweden to a Swedish father and Polish mother.  I have always loved fashion, clothes and I am completely obsessed with shoes!

My interest and passion for design, style and fashion most come from my family; my Grandparents were both tailors and designed clothes for their family and friends, my mother is an interior designer and when I was little she always dressed me in the coolest outfits so the love of fashion and style has been passed through the generations!

From the age of 4 yrs I dreamt of being a performer and loved to sing, act and dance and at that same age my mum put me in a dance school to start taking dance classes.  At 16 I went away to a specialist performing arts college in Halmstad Sweden, followed by a year at the Ballet Academy in Gothenburgh.  The year after I was accepted to study at one of the best schools in Scandinavia, the Performing Arts School, Dansforum Gothenburgh, where I completed my professional education as a dancer, singer and actress.

My passion for fashion, style and design was always with me, at 13 a teacher asked, ‘Why don’t you get in to fashion?’, as I stood out from the crowd with my own style; following the latest trends but adding my own personal touch.

Shortly after finishing my studies I moved to London and worked as a professional singer, dancer and actress.  I was living my dream but my passion for fashion started taking over more and more!  I began focusing on fashion, designing and customising clothes.  London is such a fabulous city, I felt so at home with all the expressive styles and fashionable influences, with so many cool second hand shops mixing styles with old and new. As you will see in my posts I love to mix up vintage pieces with something modern or new!

After London I lived in Spain where I continued my performing arts career.  There I started to develop my love of fashion through styling photo shoots and working as a Personal Stylist for private clients.  My first photo shoot was chosen by Vogue Italia and that was when I surely knew, this is my thing!

Right now I live and travel between England, Sweden and Spain, working as a Fashion Stylist, Personal Stylist, Fashion Blogger and Singer.  You can follow my work on here and share my love of clothes, shoes, colour, style and design…… enjoy!!!

Thanks for reading my page and feel free to get in touch with me at info@jennymandera.com