Coral Pink Lollipop

Dear all… It’s been a while… Longer than I wanted but here I am!!!

I’ve been wanting to write for a while but the words have had me lost and due to a few different happenings in my life especially one, has had me saddened by the sudden surprise that my whole Christmas holiday season that I had planned with my beloved, was taken away from us, though he had to part suddenly for Kuwait. This was mid December and he did not come back until after mid January and we hadn’t met for 2 months when we were supposed to meet and it took 3 months to actually see each other again since the last time we spent a weekend together… It’s very hard with the distance when you love someone so profoundly and enormously, when you have met your half, your prince, your one and only… But soon… soon… (this will be continued further on…)

This is another look from a changing episode of hair, an in betweeners as I call it myself!!

This coral pink satin jumpsuit is vintage and has just the right things that are fashion in this moment… The culotte trousers cut, the satin pink fabric and a jumpsuit!! It’s funny how fashion always come back, sometimes a piece needs a bit of a tweek to look up to date if you want to follow the trends, but this one was is just so right just the way it is!! Although it was not when I bought it, because the culotte had not come out to be fashionable again at that time, neither had the the satin fabric, but since a few years the wide culotte trousers has come back again to be a hit and the satin fabric has been very on the trend list the last years too.

The look is simplicity, from a hilarious day with the funny, talented and wonderful photographer and dear friend Saray Ramos, we laughed so much that day!! One bold colour and almost the same tones on the fabulous bag and a touch of blue for my shoes!! Feeling classy but comfortable!!

Kisses for now to y’all and Happy Easter och Glad Påsk!!! Jen xxx

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Make up and hair is done by me.

I was wearing:

Find De Luxe Jumpsuit

Aldo Shoes

Handbag Bimba Y Lola