Parisian Kitty Cat

14th of August 2017…
Today it is one year since I first met you my love… I was on my holiday on the French Riviera – Côté d’azur in the city of Nice, walking around exploring with my brand new super Fujifilm X100T Camera and I was so enjoying myself just strolling around taking pictures and taking in this beautiful place… And all of a sudden you stopped me in the street tapping me on my shoulder and my world completely stopped!!! I was lost for words with your big smile right in my face, your transparency, your elegance, your dress sense, your curly crazy hair all over the place, your whole style, your sexy voice speaking french to me with such determination… you were so intriguing!!! And when I looked down you had the classiest shoes!!! Which I obviously adored and I always have a look at that in a man haha… But I do know of course that it’s the inside that counts, very important!! And with all that you completely took my breath away… Since that moment there hasn’t been a day without you in my life either that is together or not, we talk every day since then and as we most of the time are far apart you are always with me in my heart and on my mind…

With you I feel so many things, things that I thought wouldn’t be possible to feel for another person, as I kind of gave up on relationships about 2-3 months before you appeared in my life, but really gave up!! And I accepted to be by myself for the rest of my life with no one special by my side, but there and then you just appeared and were there… but you were not at all in my plans..!!
With you I feel passion, attraction, friendship and all things that I always thought you need in a relationship but was doubting was possible… And one thing that I really feel that I have never felt before is that I feel safe with you.
When I’m with you I am in paradise… you are my prince!!!

I know you had a plan that you surprised me with in the beginning of this year, to come to live with me where I am based, but due to your very unfortunate and sad circumstances it was impossible for you to come and live with me, but now after many months of struggling with big changes in different ways, now you are finally starting a new beginning and I will be there for you always and you have all my support!!! I know you will go far, very far in your new adventures, and it will also be our adventure… I am writing this to you on my blog my love because you are my life and this is where I share my life…
It is also your birthday today which is the beautiful day we also met… Happy Birthday Baby!!!

So this whole Parisian Kitty Cat look came about by inspiration, improvisation and very talented people, as usual!!
I want to start to talk about the makeup, it’s done by the talented Xavi Nogués who works for Estée Lauder, so all the makeup and facial products I am wearing are from Estée Lauder and they are really fabulous!!! All the skin products I use daily on my face are from Estée Lauder, but it is the first time I actually try their makeup apart from the foundation and I loved it!!! The eye shadows are from the Victoria Beckham collection for Estée Lauder and I even had to buy them myself as they are so great as you can use them in all kinds of ways… On your eyes, your lips etc… Remember rules are made to break!!! That’s what I always say in fashion and style, it’s my motto!!!
So it started off as makeup session and ended in a flamenco night… God I love meeting new people!!!
If you want to get your make up done by this talented man you can go see him at Estée Lauder in El Corte Ingles in Barcelona right by Plaça de Catalunya, he is also travelling around the different Estée Lauder’s in Spain so you might get lucky at another Estée Lauder… He is very talented and fabulous at what he does!!! When I arrived we hadn’t actually planned the look of the makeup but he totally got my style right away, seeing what I was wearing and getting to know me just a bit and this is the amazing look he gave me!!! Thank you Xavi it was a pleasure working with you!!! Until next time… xxx

Now, my clothes are a bit of a Parisian kinda Kitty Cat look with the stripes, the choker, the Kitty Cat hat and red patent leather pants that I had to have when I saw them!!! And on top the pointed high heel… So it’s got that feminine cat feel to the whole look!!
I especially have to talk about the super cute and sexy hat, because it is so fabulous!!! It is handmade by the fantastic Jeanne Pacella also called Ms Pacella!! She takes different materials, objects and vintage pieces and creates new pieces out of that and they become a dream…
I found her one day strolling at the Spitalfields Market in Brick Lane in London, where she usually sells her hats and beautiful creations!!! And there was so much to choose from in her stall that I couldn’t handle myself and bought two amazing pieces from her and this is one of them…
So if you are in the area or in need of a special hat, this is the perfect place for fabulousness, you have to go here!!! You can check her out on
About my hair, it was done by moi, so I curled it in very small curls and I put it all to one side and then put the hat on the one side to give it that chic and sexy look!! Although the whole look in itself is chic, sexy and feminine, so those are the definite words I would say about this whole look… chic, sexy and feminine and even a bit Kitty Cat cute!!

Well you peeps I will keep enjoying my days in Nice until next adventure… In the meantime go find your inner cats ladies… Bisous de Nice!!! 💋

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Make up is done by Xavi Nogués. Hair is done by me.

I was wearing:

Topshop Pants

Zara Top

Bellapacella Hat

Kurt Geiger Heels

Topshop Choker