La vie en rose


Happy New Year to all you lovelies out there!!! Hope you had a wonderful holiday season, mine was incredible… I spent my Christmas in New York City which is one of my favourite cities in the world and it was absolutely amazing!!!
I also had the most wonderful news over the Holiday Season… And miracles do happen if you really believe they will!!! I am sharing these news with you guys because I just wanna scream it out to the whole world because I am so happy, like never before…
In 2016 the best thing happened to me, I have met the most loving, warm and amazing person for me and I am so in love!!! We just clicked right away, there was no doubts at all for both of us!!!
But we both travel a lot so it’s hard for us to be close often and that is hard, but there will be a little change this year as this lovely man has surprised me to actually come and stay for a while in the city where I am kind of based right now, yes I am saying kind of as I travel a lot!!! But he has organized all that as a surprise so that we at least can be together when I am around that city, which is not that often though but at least when I am there we will be together, he said!!! I was just blown away of course and over the moon that someone would do that for me… This is so huge for me as it is very very difficult for us to meet up because of our jobs, even though we will not be together all the time it will at least be more than just 30 hours together once in a blue moon as this is what it has been like…
I am sharing this with you guys because I think love is always a good thing to share and I feel like the happiest and luckiest girl in the world!!! And also because just 6 or 7 months ago, before I met this wonderful man of mine, I had deep inside come to the conclusion that this type of love was not for me and I had given up on love for me… But I was much more happy in myself and did not think about meeting anyone anymore as I had given up and one day when I least expected it… he was just there, right in front of me and this is literally speaking like right in front of me!!! You mean everything to me and you have made my life pink my love…

This last year has changed me a lot in many ways and I feel I have advanced in myself more than ever before and learnt more about myself than ever before. Reflecting on my life I have done things differently and stood up for myself more than ever, stopped doing things the way others want me to do things and done them the way I wanted them to be done!!!
I am accepting myself the way I am, both in the way I am as a person with my things the way I do them and in the way I think, but also accepting myself the way I am physically. As I have told you guys before I have a lot in my baggage about my self-esteem mentally and physically and about my body, being a dancer… But now I am accepting my body too, my curves, my cellulites, my small eyes, my everything… the way I am!!!

Ok, so now to my look… And this is “a” look!!! As we have had the festive season that I love so much these last weeks, I thought this look suited very well now… This look happened because a dear friend of mine but she is also my super hairdresser and when we can, we try and do projects and collaborations together. She is so talented and one of the best hairdressers I know and I have tried a few believe me!! Her name is Ingrid Schlingmann and I have talked about her before, but she is not only a hairstylist and hairdresser, she is also a makeup artist and apart from being the owner of IS Hairdesign salon in Spain Malaga, she is also giving classes at Marbella Beauty Academy about hair and makeup.
So she asked if I could be her model as she had this idea what to do with my hair and so of course I said yes!! I always wanted to do a curly and big hairdo with my hair so I was very excited about it and the way she works is so inspiring!!! She starts with an idea that she has but she keeps on creating with that idea until she is completely satisfied as she might be inspired by something but she puts her complete touch on it, it is a joy to watch her and to see the result because it always amazes me and the end result of this make up and hair I totally and utterly adore!!! I of course decided to make a blog post about it too because I knew it was going to be fabulous as I love everything that Ingrid does and with the photographer Saray Ramos who is another amazing talent, I knew it was going to be so great so this is what it all turned out like with, hair, makeup, styling and the photos!!!

With the look I put together and this big hairdo with my pink hair and the silver and black makeup, I felt like a modern Marie Antoinette… I actually felt very natural in this whole look, even though the everything together stands out and is quite striking and distinctive, but at the same time I felt of course very feminine, but also very elegant, sexy and glamorous!!!
I am however a person that like a unique style that stands out and I feel very natural and comfortable in that as I tend to like different things and to mix distinctive styles together!!
Most of the pieces in this look are very glamorous, the lace body with the fringe details, the big 50’s skirt and the glitter shoes, but I put on a pair of neon pink ankle sports socks to touch it up and put my finishing touch and my sign on it!!!

I really felt so beautiful in this photoshoot and this whole look and that is new for me in general, to feel beautiful… But there are various reasons that I do feel that way and two of those reasons are because of what I have written above about me and my changes and what I am learning along the way about myself and acceptance and because I feel more love than I have ever felt in life and to be accepted totally the way I am by someone that adores me, is the nicest feeling in the world and I feel beautiful, yes I do and it’s all because of that one person and that one person is the best thing that has happened to me… thank you thank you thank you… forever grateful!!!

I really do hope you guys will enjoy this look that I am so proud of having being able to take part in, with this lovely team and these so talented girls!!! Thank you so much ladies you inspire me every time we get together, I am very lucky to have known you, to work with you and to have you as friends sweethearts and I love you both so much!!!

I wish all you lovelies a great and inspiring year with lots of love and happiness and for you all to get closer to your goals in life or even reaching them!!! Love, Jen xoxoxo

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Hair and make up is done by Ingrid Schlingmann.

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I was wearing:

Laura Calvente Body

Coast Skirt

Bimba Y Lola Shoes

H&M Socks

Accessorize Rings