Pleasure at the fairground


Hey peeps and Happy First Advent!!!
I hope you are all great!! Don’t you just love when the Christmas season starts, I do!! I personally can’t wait for December to come, one of my favourite months because of precisely Christmas which I love sooo much!!! I am very much looking forward to it more than ever this year… So get your frocks out for this lovely season!!!

So about my look… There are a few things I want to say about this look and I want to start with the colours.. This colourful look is mixed with strong contrasting colours of neon pink, a softer pink, neon yellow, pastel green, gold and pastel purple hair!! I wanted to break it up in one colour for each item and this was the turnout.. Colourful, chic and cool!! You don’t have to mix and match you can just stop at the mix!!

I am also using a bikini as a bra that shows off under the coat, yes the coat… It is actually not a dress at all, I have made a “dress” out of the coat and it looks really cool, just a nice belt around the waist and voilà!! There, there you have a dress!!
Going back to the bikini.. I often put a bikini on if I know that my bra will be seen or even the knickers for that matter, as often they are very nice and it’s a shame just wearing them at the beach!!

Now, now I want to talk about my legs or showing off my legs, which is part of the look of course!! But I want to talk about how I actually feel about my legs… I know I have showed off my legs and my figure before, but when I first saw these pictures I was surprised because I did not see much of my cellulites on my legs, yes you heard me right… My cellulites!!!

My cellulites have been a huge complex for me since a very very long time in my life… I have always seen my legs with that orange skin as they say, but maybe I made it even worse in my head than it actually was… The worst thing is that I was actually so disgusted with my legs because of my cellulites… I hated my legs so much you cannot imagine!!! But with time.. I would say too long, but better late than ever, I have accepted myself and learned to live with my cellulites and now even become so used to them that I love myself the way I am, even with my cellulites because they are a part of me.

But the universe knows I have tried to get rid of them!!! As many of you know I am a dancer and I have trained all my life and done every possible little help to get rid of them (like eating the right food, brushing, creams, scrubbing, massaging, but I am not however talking about surgery or laser and stuff like that here), but I still had cellulites that has been impossible to get rid of completely, even after trying all that!! But it is fine, I am ok with them now and I am proud of showing you this look and all my other looks where you can see my body and legs, even if you can see my cellulites or not, I actually don’t care anymore, I really don’t!!!

Obviously the cellulites have made me insecure in the past, being on stage in a just a leotard, wearing short shorts on a hot summers day, being naked with a guy etc… But now I am not embarrassed or insecure like that anymore because I don’t care what people think of my legs anymore, because I know I am healthy and fit even though I have some orange skin I can’t get rid of!!! And of course it feels amazing to have someone who adores and loves every part of me the way I am inside and out, with my cellulites and my curves!!! But the important thing here is not that someone else loves me with them, the important thing here is that I am happy with myself and love myself and it does not matter what anyone else thinks, no matter who that is!!!

So this look was a bit of a surprise for me when I saw the pictures, as for the first time in a very long time I actually loved the look of my legs even though they are not perfect or there are some cellulites on them!! But seeing them from behind as that is not so easy to se in a mirror.. that maybe it wasn’t so bad after all, maybe it wasn’t so bad as I had imagined, as I had this idea in my head of what I looked like from behind… but now I really just love what they look like and I actually love my legs!!!

For me it has taken too long to realize this, that I am good enough and look good enough… but at least I got there in the end!! And I’m not gonna lie.. Of course I have my days when I don’t like myself or my body and I fall back, but usually it is not very often anymore and it only last for a day or so… which is totally normal, but then I get back up again quickly!!
This is all coming from my past and as I have said before.. being a dancer I will always have that feeling of not looking good or thin enough at times, but those days when I have felt down like that has gone from many to hardly none, but life takes you through different stages to learn and I have accepted myself finally!!!

This is why I wanted to share this with you, as I am sure I am not the only one out there who has feelt like this at times… even though it has felt like I am completely alone feeling like that at some points in my life!! But now I don’t care what people think, I need to be me whatever way that is and you need to be you whatever way that is, always always always remember that!!!

So I hope you all know that you should love yourself and be happy with yourself just the way you are, no matter what anyone says!!!

Lots of love to you guys on this rainy (where I am) and cosy First Advent!!! Muack!!! xxx

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Hair is done by IS Hairdesign. Make up is done by me.

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I was wearing:

Zara Coat

Zara Shoes

H&M Bikini

H&M Belt

Zara Sunglasses