Wanna come out and play???


Hey guys… Hope all is great!! I am here with a new look to inspire you and to make you try and dare a bit with your style!!

This look is playful, daring and jazzy!! With that cute, feminine backpack that makes it kinda like a schoolgirl, the body with the transparent low-cut neckline made of net and the sparkly sport shorts that are so cool they look jazzy!!!
Then you have the accessories that are sooo fabulous… I mean that earring is just amazing and the ring that goes with it that looks like an ocean… Then the heels, those green heels gives colour to my tanned skin and the whole look!! So this look gives me all these feelings of playfulness, sexy and daring and with a touch of cool jazz!!!

I personally would wear this to go out for an evening, it could be for dinner, to go dancing or any evening event where you can use your imagination!! As I always say play with your style and mix things up to try something new or different, even if it’s only new for you, but get used to trying new and interesting styles, it is so much fun I promise, why would you want to look like everyone else, right?

I will love you and leave you for this time… And to go out an play with your ideas and to get inspired!!!
Big hugs and kisses to you out there…

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Make up and hair is done by me.

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I was wearing:

American Apparel Body

Topshop Shorts

Office Heels

Backpack New Look

Bimba Y Lola Ring & Earring