Bubblegum Princess Part 1.


Hello beautiful people!!!
Life is beautiful isn’t it!! I see colours everywhere painting our world in distinctive sceneries and moods… I am lately crazy about pink so I’ve dyed my hair pink and this is what this next look is based on! I needed to show you guys this hair when it was just done as it is my absolute favourite look I’ve had!!!

As some of you know I do my hair at IS Hairdesign and together with Ingrid Schlingmann who is the director of IS Hairdesign and that I also collaborate with on various projects, we decided to go for a radical change! I wanted to make a change from my half long, platinum blonde, “growing my hair out look” and I felt that I was missing a statement of who I am as a person, so between the two of us we came up with this idea… Making it pink, but a pastel pink… I have had it salmon or peach coloured but I wanted to try a proper pink, however not fuchsia!!
Dying your hair pink can be a risk as it can look cheap or trashy if you don’t take care of it, much more than a natural brown or even dyed platinum blonde!! So we decided to make a classical cut with the French bob and mix it with the pink. I also had been wanting to cut bangs for a while as I’ve had it several times in the past and really loved it!! So we went for the classical look mixed with a pastel pink, but it did come out a bit more pink in parts which made it look really cool because of the reflection it gave to the cut!!
I was sooo happy with the result!!! And OMG… the compliments I have got from people on the street are amazing… and from all ages!! From 70 year old women to young guys and girls and all who told me that they absolutely loved it!!! Of course you get the odd one here and there that gives you a silly comment or laugh at you, but I honestly don’t give a damn and never have when it comes to dressing or looking the way I want!! Also, depending on where I am, what country and what city, the reaction changes!! For example in London noone even hardly says anything, although there I did get amazing compliments, rather than anyone laughing at me… as many people there have green, blue, pink, purple and all kinds of hair colours… so noone takes that much notice, they just give you a compliment as if they would do for anything else about your style! But most of the time it has been very positive comments and I think the reason is the edge between the classic cut of the French bob and the modern twist of the actual pastel pink!! I must say though, that in a very loving way I have had all types of names you can imagine and the title for this look is actually from one of the names that I fell in love with and I also chose it because I feel like an absolute princess right now!!! I will tell you more about that later maybe… But the names I’ve heard are things like… Candy Girl, Bubblegum Babe, Bubblegum Princess, Pink Lady, Candy Floss Girl, Lady Gaga, Barbie, and the list goes on…

Anyway I am absolutely and utterly in love with my hair and that is the most important thing!!! So again I thank the great Ingrid Schlingmann and team at IS Hairdesign for making me feel fabulous!!!

Now, when it comes to my clothes, I went for a sweet, rock chic look with some statement accessories and favourite items of mine!!!

So there is this amazing brand from London and a few shops around London, but they also sell their fabulous stuff at Topshop and it’s called Skinny Dipp London, that is where my fabulous and supercool bag is coming from!!! I adore this shop and could just buy everything there because it so cute and colourful… and glittery which some of you know I love!!! so if you are in London you need to pop by!!!
Then, the body… Of course the Ivy Park body that is from Beyonce’s sport collection and one of the main pieces from her first collection collaborating with Topshop!! Like so in love with that… And it wasn’t that easy to get hold of but very lucky I got one!!! However, the Ivy Park Brand is a continuing clothing line, so it should always come back in the shops like any other brand that has their stuff each season, which is great!!
And now the booties… I know… They are swag!!! They are from Bimba Y Lola and are just adorable!!! One of the most amazing shoes I have and I now have about 300 pairs so… But these are for sure one of my favourites!!!

So the whole look together is cute, sweet and rock chic i would definitely say!!!

More to come about this look in part 2… But for now enjoy and love to y’all!!! xxxxxx

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Hair is done by IS Hairdesign. Make up is done by me.

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I was wearing:

Topshop Ivy Park Body

Norwich Market Vintage Levi’s Jeans

Bimba Y Lola Ankle Boots

Skinny Dip London Bag