Daydreams in Rose Champagne…


Hey you guys!!
Here I am with another look and this one is a favourite of mine… It’s again elegant, chic and sensual…

I felt so beautiful and comfortable at this shoot, of course because my photographer always gets the best out of me, because I feel so comfortable and good with her!!
But coming back to what I have talked about in the past… Since a while back and due to circumstances in my life I feel much more comfortable in myself and good about myself and I think that also shows in my pictures… I also notice it within me and in the desicions I make!! I feel a lot more secure and don’t care so much about others opinions about me as I used to…
This is something that I relate a lot to!! Not being very secure about certain things in me, low self esteem and not believing in myself… Now I see young girls who are strong and do believe in themselves and are secure within themselves and it makes me happy!! But it also makes me think, I would have loved to be like this when I was their age!! They inspire me so much and even though I am older than they are and are getting secure now instead of when I was 19 due to my past, they still inspire me!! They also make me believe even more in myself and to be who I really am!!

Now I feel good in my body and myself and proud of being who I am!!! Even though I am not skinny, or a size 8 and stunningly beautiful, I am accepting myself the way I am and I have got my curves, I am feeling attractive and beautiful and I am a smart woman with a lot of different experiences in life and they have also made me who I am today!!

So this is how I feel in this look, I feel elegant, sexy and like a beautiful intelligent woman that I am!!
The look is giving me a spring vibe and with the colours I got a sense of rose champagne…
The amazing lace dress is vintage, that I have mixed with very sparkly shoes and to that goes the peach hair colour, done by the great IS Hairdesign!!! And the makeup I have chosen to go with the hair colour, to bring my greenish eyes out even more…

So go out there and be who you are, in your style and everything else, that’s exactly what I am doing and in this look I am who I am for sure!!!
Enjoy peeps… Jen xxx

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Hair is done by IS Hairdesign. Make up is done by me.

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I was wearing:

Entrecosturas Vintage Clothing Dress

Bimba Y Lola Heels