Blue balcony moments


Hey guys!!! Feeling blue in different ways…

This look was taken at this amazing rooftop balcony right in the centre of Malaga in Spain, with my wonderful loves and some of the most talented people I know, photographer Saray Ramos and makeup artist and hairdresser Jorge Fortes, you really should remember these names!!!

For this look I am mixing romantic lingerie which is a body that I am wearing as a top, with a patterned leather skirt and a sweet capelet. I have then put on a pair of standout platform wedges, a studded pair of sunglasses and an orange bag and lipstick to break it off!!
Almost the whole look could actually be vintage but it isn’t, not completely, only the skirt and the capelet is actual vintage, but especially the sunglasses and the body could totally be vintage too with its antique look.
So the mix is sexy, elegant and chic and with a bit of an edge I would say. You can see a lot of the 40’s in this look which brings out the elegance, but with the modern touches and even the 80’s skirt it makes it very sexy and finishing off with the edgy bits like the shoes and the bright strong orange details… it’s very chic all together!!

So as I tend to always say… Dare to mix and discover your way of style, it’s so much fun!!! Love, Jen xxx

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Make up is done by Jorge Fortes. Hair is done by IS Hairdesign.

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 I was wearing:

Find De Luxe Capelet

Find De Luxe Skirt

Intimissimi Body

Fosco Shoes

Bimba Y Lola Sunglasses

Zara Bag