Merry Jingle Girl!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you peeps out there!!!

Christmas time and as you might know my favourite time of the year, has come and almost gone… Living and travelling between 3 countries and 4 country traditions, being half Polish half Swedish, spending time in England, Spain and Sweden as for now… I kind of celebrate them all a little bit and in Sweden and Spain they finish this week really…

Here is a new year and for me new super goals and promises to myself BIG TIME!!!
As I said I looove Christmas time and this year it has been a grand one, but being in Spain I don’t get that feeling of that cold proper Christmas, however I spent some time in England too the days just before Christmas Eve so I got a bit of that cosy cold feeling, as in Spain this Christmas has been like a Swedish summer with 25 degrees!!!

So, I’ve been wondering and thinking this holiday season… (As it’s a season of being with your loved ones as they say…) about love!!! I am not sure that I believe in that certain love anymore FOR ME!! There are lots of different loves and I have so many people, friends and family who love me and I’m so fortunate and grateful for that!!! But I’m talking about the love to that one person that you share everything with in a relationship and that you can turn to with everything, that one person that cares especially for you!!! I believe in love don’t get me wrong, LOVE IS THE POWER TO EVERYTHING!!! But that special love that I am talking about and I’ve been kind of waiting or hoping for half my life, that love for me I am not sure I believe in anymore… I am sure it exists for so so so many people, but I’m not sure it is for me in this life… I haven’t given up on that love though, I just wonder… wonder about love… about that certain love… Especially seeing couples together this Christmas and New Year’s season, as you see them everywhere all loved up, which is romantic and blissful and it made me think about it… If you have read me a little while back you know I’ve been feeling a bit lonely and I have imagined that one person out there somewhere… So I’ll see about me, maybe maybe not… And this year I will put all my energy into my fashion, styling, blogging and writing and focus on ME!!! In any case love to you all out there, lonely or not, love is the answer to everything in every way, LOVE RULES!!!

My look this time is of course dressed up especially for the festive season and I’ve been wanting to share this look with you since a while back!!
The jumpsuit is from a really lovely vintage shop in England “Vintage Store Exeter”, everyone is so lovely that works in that shop, so you have to pop in there if you are ever around Exeter in England, they have some amazing stuff, you will absolutely love it!!!
With the very low-cut front on the jumpsuit (which you can actually turn around and it looks amazing with a bare back too) you don’t need much else. I just put on a pair of big and very heavy gold earrings, a pair of very high heeled and bright red stiletto boots and a golden bag to top it off!! With those simple and clean details the look is sexy but elegant!!
The hair has also got an elegant look to it with a sweet little braid on the side!!

So go out there and dress up or dress down either you have a party or not… Enjoy the new year lovelies, I sure will!!! Love, Jen xxx

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Hair is done by IS Hairdesign. Make up is done by me.

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I was wearing:

Vintage Store Exeter Jumpsuit

Cuple Stiletto Boots

Bimba Y Lola Earrings

Blanco Handbag