Just imagine us…


Hey!!! It’s soon Christmas, my favourite time of the year and I just can’t wait!!! Christmas is for me a time that I sometimes get a bit sentimental, but in a good way!! It reminds me of my childhood years and all the great traditions, however I love new traditions too and I think they are absolutely needed!!
This Christmas will not be a traditional one for me and I will spend it with people I love as usual, but other people than usual and I’m so looking forward to it!!

I am a person that need my own space very much and I love to be alone, but just since a little while back I have been feeling very lonely… Which of course isn’t the same thing at all!! So with Christmas coming up… it kind of has reminded me of being that lonely.
Even though you are surrounded by friends, family and friends that are like family, you can feel really lonely!!
So… I have been thinking about you… And about us… You have been in my dreams and on my mind… I have seen us together… You make me feel so good about myself and you accept me for the person I am… You accept my flaws and you admire my strength… You love my body, the way I look and the way I dress… You inspire me to do more, to fight for what I want in life and to reach the universe and the stars… I have felt you and I have touched you… You make me go crazy about you and you make my heart skip beats… You make me feel things I have never felt before… So when is my question… I don’t know you yet but we could be the greatest… Just imagine us…

I felt these pictures made me tell the story about you… So I have put the pictures into words, to share a bit of my mind with the universe!!!

The pictures show you some of my favourite pants, they are like the black trousers almost that Sandy uses in the musical Grease by the end of the movie… The disco pants!!!
The great thing about them is that they tighten you up and are high waisted, so your legs look longer and well shaped with a bit of glam on top due to its shimmery fabric!!
The top is a vintage one and gives the pants a great mix, I fell in love with the top as soon as I laid my eyes on it of course… I mean what can I say, it’s vintage!!
And then the shoes, oh the shoes… These wedges are fabulous and so comfortable because of the high platform. And the screaming turquoise colour breaks of the pink pattern in the whole look!!

The hairstyle made by the amazingly talented Ingrid Schlingmann at IS Hairdesign, is both feminine and cool and a little bit boyish!! The platinum blonde Marilyn curles mixed with half the head shaved and in it’s natural dark colour, with the little bit longer than shaved bits on the sides at the front, makes it look stylish and chic!!

Enjoy the look everyone, I certainly did!!! Love J xxx

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Hair is done by IS Hairdesign. Make up is done by me.

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I was wearing:

American Apparel Disco Pants

Find De Luxe Top

Shoes Market Manchester England UK

Topshop Earrings