Wildest dreams…


Hello there!!

So here’s another look from JM… I would say it’s vibrant, colourful, and urban!!!

I have so many dreams when it comes to my life… wild dreams!!! I have wild dreams when it comes to my personal life, my professional life, my existence, my whole life…
Fashion is of course a huge part of my life, it’s kind of who I am!!! And my passion for it has always been there since being a little girl. Coming from quite an artistic family, having grandparents that both were tailors, a mum who’s an interior designer, an aunt who used to sow all my fancy outfits when I was very young and my whole family always with a big interest for fashion, so it was kind of natural and obvious that it would be a huge part of my life!! And I know this passion of mine will play a bigger and bigger part in my life, in everything I do with fashion and style… taking me to my wildest dreams!!!

As some of you know that follows me… I like a lot of different styles and looks and I would say that I am not personally very classical in my style… However, I do love elegance and simplicity too of course, how can I not!!! I mean I love everything from Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Valentino, Lanvin and Carolina Herrera who tend to be a bit more classical in their designs… To Alexander McQueen, Versace, Balmain, Jean Paul Gaultier, Vivienne Westwood and Moschino who are a bit more unusual and original, to just mention a few by the way!!

So this look is not one of my classical looks… But I would say it’s edgy, striking and fresh!!!
For this look I got a bit inspired by first of all, a two piece Moschino set and the way the model wore it and secondly from an old episode of “Sex and the City” from an outfit worn by “Carrie Bradshaw”!! But I wanted to make it my way with my touch on it and with one of my favourite labels right now… American Apparel!!! I love so many things about this label, their clothes of course, their accessories and the fact that they are using different types of people and sizes to model for them from skinny to normal to plus size, showing that anyone can use their stuff and not only models!!
I always say that I’m quite radical in my style and I often like what people don’t tend to like. Which is great because there are more sizes left. Although this of course depends on where you are as well. If you are in a bigger city where they usually have more original stuff, but people are also buying more of that than if you would be in a smaller city where they might not take in as much original stuff. But if they have anything, noone buys it as noone dares to put it on, so if I’m in a smaller city and catch something like that, I usually go for it as that is the only piece there!!
What I want to show is that there are no rules in fashion and if there are, you are allowed to break them!!! Which is so great and inspiring with fashion!!!
I know I have my personal and different style and probably not all of you would wear this look!! But again that’s fine, that is what makes us all unique in who we are, showing what we personally like with our style and our clothes!! And I for sure need to be myself in my style and look, otherwise I will not be who I really am and I will lose myself in the end!! That is why I am not following the “rules” and I haven’t followed the rules since I was 13 years old when it comes to fashion!! That is just me either you like it or not, but we have to be ourselves always, remember that!!! I am sure someone will appreciate your style!! For me I’ve had experiences when it hasn’t always been appreciated, but I’ve learnt that changing for someone else will not make you feel good in the end anyway, because it is not you or who you are!!!

I almost felt like a bit of a “rapper girl” or a dancer from a funky video in this look… With those earrings, the fishnets and just missing the sneakers instead of wearing the heels, I would go wild dancing to Janet Jackson’s latest track “Burn it up”!!!
These heels by the way have been my number one shoes this season, so had to repeat them on here as they were perfect for the look!!
I hope you’ll enjoy this personal look of mine and please… just go out there and be yourself, whoever you are!!!

Love to y’all… Jen xxxxxx

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Make up and hair is done by me.

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I was wearing:

American Apparel Top

American Apparel Shorts

Bimba Y Lola Heels

El Corte Ingles Fishnets

H & M Earrings