A Midsummer Night’s Dream


Today a new collaboration is joining me and bringing that extra touch and flawless finish to my look, it is the creative director and owner of IS Hairdesign, hair stylist Ingrid Schlingmann. She is one of the best hairdressers and hairstylists in Europe and she is constantly travelling the world competing, training, giving and taking courses to always know the latest trends and to inspire her clients! Originally from Holland she opened her own hair salon in Malaga, southern Spain 6 years ago and she has clients from all over the world. I love to go to this salon as all of the girls there always pamper and treat you with care, love and class and you can just lay back and relax to the smoothest music in this great atmosphere!
With todays look she suggested to create an updo with blonde Marilyn Monroe type of glamour curls, but still making a bit of a contrast by shaving the darker hair underneath at the back, but keeping it a little longer on the dark sides to get that trendy and new feel to it and I love it!!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you so much sweet Ingrid for wanting to collaborate on this project showing your talent and to make it even more exciting, but also to make me and my hair look gorgeous and putting that stunning finish to the pictures!!!

I also have to talk about the very special place where the dress is coming from. This dress is from one of the best second hand shops in the world!!! When I enter that door I am in heaven…
First of all because the feeling you get when you enter is that you could be in a vintage or second hand shop in Paris, London, Berlin, Milan or New York… But no, you are in Find De Luxe in southern Spain, right in the historic centre of Malaga!
Second but so not the least, is the owner of the shop, the so lovely and wonderful Rikke, who always welcomes you with her big smile, inspiring great style and amazing look! She treats you like a princess and with her kindness and love I always feel at home in her shop! This tall, stunning, Danish woman has many years of experience in second hand and vintage clothing. The suppliers that she buys from sends her clothes from all over the world and she chooses every single piece of garment for the shop beforehand. She does not collect or buy clothes from anyone who stops by and wants to get rid of their old clothes, so you cannot just drop off your old stuff in the shop. That is why the shop always has very unique and original pieces of clothes that you can’t just buy in any kind of second hand shop! And I can tell you that I always find something in there it is impossible not to, especially as she receives clothes every single week! I could stay in this place for hours finding things…
The shop is actually bigger than you imagine when you enter at first, the further in you go it turns out it also has a work room created by the talented artist Richard, or Sr.artefacto as he calls himself. There he redesigns old and new furniture and many other amazing things that you can’t even imagine!
As you follow my looks and styles on my blog, you are going to see that a long the way I will be using a lot of clothes from my dear friend Rikke’s Find De Luxe second hand and vintage shop!
So if you are ever in the city of Malaga you cannot leave without entering this place… it’s heaven!!!

A midsummer night’s dream is what I personally imagine could look exactly like this, especially on this Midsummer’s Eve. In todays look I am mixing the old with the new, which I love to do and have done almost since I can remember, as I have always loved vintage and second hand mixed with high street fashion and trends!
So in todays look I have mixed a dreamy second hand dress with some colourful and trendy details. Being Swedish an old tradition in my country on this Midsummer’s Eve is to run the fields picking 7 different flowers to put under your pillow when you sleep. Then, on supposedly the shortest night of the year, you will dream about the one who will become your prince…  So this could be the perfect look for running those fields, finding those flowers and well, you can always dream…

Photos are taken by Saray Ramos. Make up is done by me.

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I was wearing:

Find De Luxe Vintage Dress

American Apparel Top

Nike Shoes